Lights On But Drawing a Blank

Gary S. Vasilash

As OEMs rush toward providing ever more telematics capabilities into their vehicles, results from a survey from ought to give them some pause. And possibly the people at Ford who are smarting over the reception of MyFord Touch could start feeling better about their product, because the fault may not lie within it, but elsewhere.

MyFord Touch

According to a survey of 2,000 drivers wherein they were asked about various warning lights on the dash:

· 49% can’t identify the tire pressure warning light

· 46% don’t know what the brake system warning light means (they may find out!)

· 42% are unaware of what the cruise control activated light signifies

And if that isn’t startling enough:

17% don’t know what the low fuel warning light is trying to tell them.

And companies are worried about installing WiFi hotspots into their vehicles?