Learning Manufacturing and Funding Education

Read through Marshfield High School’s list of college scholarships, and one of the listings you’ll see is the “Marshfield Pirate Shop Scholarship.” The Pirate Shop is this Oregon school’s manufacturing instruction program. Students in this program practice their machining and welding skills by making furniture (see a particularly nice example in the photos with this article) that is sold to fund a scholarship available for any type of education. On the scholarship list, you’ll see that the Pirate Shop’s scholarship is not included among those that are “voc/tech-specific”—it gives scholarship grants to Marshfield graduates pursuing various degrees.

In the video seen here, Pirate Shop students and their instructor, Tom Hull, talk about the manufacturing program. The video also gives us a brief glimpse of one of the program’s instructional volunteers, Bob Schalck. Read his perspective on this volunteering.