Jeep & Bellini: Going to Extremes

Fiat now owns 52% of Chrysler.

Fiat now owns 52% of Chrysler. Which means, simply, that it owns Chrysler. And that means Chrysler, Dodge and, yes, Jeep.

Of the brands, Jeep is undoubtedly the most legendary. It is known for its extreme capabilities. It is known for allowing its drivers to do things that seem to defy the laws of physics. To do things that go beyond what people might otherwise seem to be reasonable.

Fiat and Jeep lead us to. . . Alex Bellini.


That’s what we said.

Turns out that Bellini, an Italian, is an extreme adventurer. He did the Alaskan Iditarod—without sled dogs. That’s right. He pulled the sled.

He crossed the Mediterranean and Atlantic—10,000 km between Italy and Brazil—in a rowboat. Bellini followed that feat by using the same 7.5-meter rowboat to go from Peru to Australia. It took 294 days.

Now the Italian adventurer is going to run from Los Angeles to New York. Or at least he is going to try. Apparently, fewer than 250 people have accomplished this feat.


Bellini will be participating in the LA to New York Footrace, which is to run from June 19 to August 27. This is 70 days of running 70 km per day. That’s like running 1.7 marathons per day.

1.7 marathons per day. Sort of like throwing physics and reason right out the window of the Burj Khalifa.

Bellini’s run is being sponsored by Jeep. A Jeep Wrangler Unlimited will be a support vehicle.

Explaining why he’s going to attempt the run, Bellini said, “Running through the U.S. is more than just a run, it is probably anything but a run.” [He’s got that right.] “It means to express freely my passion for life, to dedicate time to myself and to do it in the freest way I know: traveling.” [Traveling?] “It is the desire to start a legendary journey with the purpose of discovering a new path within myself. This journey is nothing but an excuse to test on myself a wide range of emotions that I know I could never experience by taking a different path.” [And probably testing the efficacy of Band-Aids on blisters.]

Jeep is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. So 70 hours before the 70 day race commences (June 17), Jeep will go live with a website that will allow you to learn about Bellini: