Jaguar Land Rover & British Luxury

Gary S. Vasilash

A UK organization dedicated to “the interests of the British luxury industry” and named after an 18th century minster, Sir Robert Walpole, which the organization describes as a “great patron of the arts” (although in his mid-career, greater British poet Alexander Pope would probably beg to differ, but that’s another story), holds an annual “Walpole Awards for Excellence” and last week the people at Jaguar Land Rover were duly lauded.

Jaguar picked up the 2012 award for “British Luxury Brand Overseas,” given to the company that, well, best represented British luxury overseas.


Gerry McGovern, Land Rover Design Director and Chief Creative Officer, was presented with the “British Luxury Design Talent Award.”

Upon receipt of the award, McGovern (who was in charge of Lincoln design a decade ago; you can read about that here) stated, “It’s a great honour [yes, he’s speaking British English, so the “u” belongs] to receive such a prestigious accolade and my thanks go to Walpole. Design is a collaborative effort and this award recognises [yes, “s”] the achievements of our multi-talented design team.

“Land Rover is an iconic British brand that’s going from strength to strength.”

It is also an iconic British brand that’s not owned by a British company, but that’s another story, too.

Still, congratulations are in order for Jaguar Land Rover. Pip! Pip! or whatever the appropriately discrete cheer may be.