How Green Is Auto?

Gary S. Vasilash

When it comes to the environment, automobile companies are probably not as well thought of as other types of companies that cloak themselves in a green mantle. After all, aren’t car companies producers of things that spew all manner of bad things into the environment?

You might think that. And you would be wrong.

It turns out that the auto industry’s good Corporate Citizenship is well understood by many consumers because on the recently released Interbrand Best Global Green Brands report, auto companies dominate in a major way.

2015 Fusion Hybrid 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid

There is a list of 50 global companies listed from categories ranging from Electronics (e.g., Panasonic) to Food (e.g., Danone) to Sporting Goods (e.g., adidas) to Beverages (e.g., Coca-Cola) and even more.

This is essentially a list of name-brand companies, so it is by no means auto-centric.

And here is how Automotive was assessed by Deloitte Consulting, which conducted the survey and crunched the numbers:

1. Ford

2. Toyota

3. Honda

4. Nissan

13. BMW

16. Volkswagen

24. Mercedes-Benz

32. Chevrolet

35. Kia

40. Hyundai

Overall, that’s 20% of the top 50 Green brands in the world.

And it is interesting to note that Ford is #1 this year but was #2 last, changing places with Toyota in both cases. Which is to say that when it comes to being Green, automotive is clearly bright.