Heroes from the American Mold

MoldMaking Technology magazine has supported iWarriors since the year of its inception, and 2014 is no exception. This month iWarrirors challenges the industry with an employee match fund drive to help raise more donations than ever before!

iWarriors raises money to purchase iPads and accessories for our wounded Marines, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen. Beginining in 2010, $10,000 was raised to purchase iPads and accessories for 15 marines and sailors. In 2011 the donations reached $35,000, which allowed iWarriors to outfit 38 injured marines, soldiers and sailors. The most generous year so far has been 2012 during which $50,000 was donated.

iWarriors is asking for help to reach its $60,000 donation goal for 2014!

Although the organization's efforts have been on the Fifth Marines at Camp Pendleton, ALL branches of the Armed Forces are supported!

The challenge this year is asking all employers to match any employee donations of $600 (the equivalent of one iPad gift package).

Those at iWarriors send out a thank you to all those who have donated in the past, and hope you will continue to do so.

To donate, click here.