FANG: DARPA’s Fast PD Program

Gary S. Vasilash

“FANG is applying a radical approach to the design and manufacturer of a military ground vehicle while seeking to engage innovators outside of the traditional defense industry,” said Army Lt. Col Nathan Wiedenman, program manager, DARPA Tactical Technology Office, of the “Fast, Adaptable, Next-Generation Ground Vehicle” (FANG) change—the FANG Mobility/Drivetrain Challenge—that is open for registration.


To put a finer point on things, know that the winning team will be awarded $1-million and have its design built at the DARPA iFAB Foundry.

DARPA—yes, the people behind, among other things, a good bit of the Internet that is allowing you to read this and to register for the challenge—is taking a new approach in the development of the Marine Corps’ Amphibious Combat Vehicle. There will be three FANG Challenges, with the following two for chassis and structural subsystems and the final for full vehicle design.


“By tapping fresh ideas and innovation, we are striving to fundamentally alter the way systems are designed, built and verified to significantly improve DoD’s capacity to handle complexity, something that has rapidly outpaced DoD’s existing 1960s-ear approach to managing it.”

Fresh thinking.

The goal they have is to compress the time for a complex defense system by a factor of five.


You can sign up for the FANG Mobility/Drivetrain Challenge here.