Engineer, Build, Maintain Is Back!

The surge in automotive and reshoring has shone a spotlight on the current pain points of mold builders and buyers when it comes to ensuring the productivity of a program. Owners and tooling engineers need to solve problems (early and often) to guarantee product launches, hit cycle times and make quality parts. This entails engineering a more efficient mold, building a better business and maintaining instead of repairing molds. With less expertise available, and OEMs and tier suppliers employing fewer technical engineers, they are more reliant on their supply chain for that expertise. The 2014 amerimold technical conference will continue its three-track program to tackle these challenges with a focus on:
• ENGINEER: Strategies to de-risk launches through part and mold simulation, additive manufacturing/conformal cooling, and troubleshooting during tool validation.
• BUILD:  Building a better business and workforce through technology deployment,  training development and industry involvement.
• MAINTAIN: Putting a proactive plan in place, and advancing team skills, to develop maintenance and decrease repair costs. 
Conference details are developing in the weeks ahead, but be sure to check out general show information today and Register for Free!