Dürr Expands In North America With Location In Mexico


Dürr is expanding its capacities in the North American market with a new business location in Querétaro, Mexico. The modern industrial complex with a workforce of around 280 employees (incl. externals) was formally inaugurated on October 28 and provides 50 percent more production and office space than the past location.


“The new plant in Querétaro represents a key mainstay to be able to give the automotive industry even more effective support with its expansion drive in North America,” said Ralf W. Dieter, CEO of Dürr AG. “In view of growing sales numbers, the automotive industry in the US and Mexico is increasingly investing in new factories and in modernizing existing production plants.”


Dürr de México was founded as early as 1966. The company has since supplied almost all carmakers represented in Mexico with painting technology and other production equipment. For a number of years now, Dürr de México has also participated in handling orders placed by the aircraft industry.


Together with the US company Dürr Systems Inc., Dürr de México constitutes a powerful North America unit. The two companies are run by a shared management team. As part of the global production and engineering network of the Dürr Group, Dürr de México also supports large-scale projects in other regions of the world, such as in China and North Africa.


The construction of the new location in Querétaro in central Mexico is part of a global investment program with which Dürr adjusts its capacities in response to the growing volume of business. From 2009 to 2012, Group sales increased from € 1.1 to € 2.4 billion ($1.4 billion to $3.2 billion). Further growth is expected in 2013. Against this backdrop, Dürr plans to raise the level of investments to approx. € 50 million in the current year (2012: € 32.5 million).


At the end of September, the Group commissioned a new mechanical engineering location with over 600 employees in Shanghai. Dürr has also invested in newbuilds or in modernizing locations in Germany, South Africa, Poland, Brazil, and Switzerland. In Japan, a technology center with demonstration facilities is to be built in the near future.