Drive By

Representing founding members of the AMBA, (l-r) Wayne Sikorcin of Craftsman Tool & Mold, Erich and Horst Elendt of ELBA Tool Co., Olav Bradley of PM Mold, Alan Petrucci of BA Die Mold, Phil Denamark of Mako Mold, and Bill Plocinski of Tri-Par Die & Mold.

Driving past Elba Tool this morning, I was reminded of the AMBA’s recent celebration of 40 years since its formation by a few Chicago area moldmakers. Founding members were recognized for their vision and fortitude to develop a game-changing organization.

From a few early entrants in the plastic injection mold building industry, the AMBA has grown to be a nationwide organization working to support the industry with ongoing opportunities for training and business development. Today’s AMBA is working with government and industry to formulate next-generation training programs and establish standards for skills in the trade. This is just a part of the AMBA’s mission to network members in our very specific industry niche to promote our industry’s viability and sustainability.

Since the formation of AMBA, the industry has changed from a highly skilled  and specialized trade known as “mold building” to a more scientific and methodical industry we like to think of as “mold manufacturing.” The rate of change continues to accelerate, making the AMBA ever more vital with its networking and continuing education in both the skills and management needed to compete globally today.

Thank you again to the founders, and thank you to those who work behind the scenes in the AMBA to make this industry vital and prosperous in the USA.