Designing Jeeps, Creating a Golf R & More

Mark Allen is the head of Jeep Design.

Mark Allen is the head of Jeep Design.

And so I ask him about the design of the all-new Jeep Renegade.


Michael Klopotowski is in charge of product planning for the Volkswagen Golf family. The family has a new sibling, the Golf R.

And so I ask him about what makes an ordinary Golf an extraordinary R.


Both of which are found in this edition of the off-hiatus “Autoline After Hours.”

Those taped segments are supplemented by live observations by Jeff Sabatini of Car and Driver and Dave Sullivan of AutoPacific.

In addition to the Renegade and the Golf R, topics include favorites at the recently concluded North American International Auto Show, including the Buick Avenir:


and the Ford GT:


What’s more, we discuss other subjects, including the demise of automotive coverage in what is arguably still America’s paper of record, the New York Times.

You can see it all here: