Design Wheels. Win Software.

Interested in designing wheels?

Interested in designing wheels? Wheels for the Ferrari 458 Italia or the Audi R8 GT 5.2 FSI quattro?


Interested in winning one-year subscription to Sold Edge Design 1 software as well as associated Solid Edge gear.

Then check out the Local Motors-Siemens PLM competition that runs until Monday April 9 for wheel design.  The cars in question are meant for inspiration.  The wheels are not going to become options for the Italian and German marques.

What’s interesting about this is that a free 30-day trial of Solid Edge Design 1 can be downloaded for competition participants. (Although any Solid Edge product can be used for the competition.)

And as is the case with all Local Motors competitions, the community will vote for the winners.

Check it out here.