Delphi Develops the Future

Gary S. Vasilash

One might think that when it comes to R&D, automotive supplier companies are probably dwarfed in their efforts and investments as compared with their OEM customers.

And one might be wrong.

At least so far as Delphi goes.


Jeffrey J. Owens, chief technology officer and executive vice president of Delphi, heads up a team of thousands, and makes R&D investments in the billions.

You read that right.

Owens says that the company is focused on tech developments in three areas:

  • Safe: Active safety systems, like collision mitigation systems.
  • Green: Engine control units and diesel and gasoline systems.
  • Connected: Integrated display, navigation, and various other telematics.

What Delphi is doing in these spaces and why the future of autos may not be wholly autonomous (at least anytime soon) but will be profoundly systems- and sensors-based are among the topics Owens explores with John McElroy, host, Peter DeLorenzo, the Autoextremist, and Gary Vasilash on this edition of “Autoline After Hours.”

In addition to which, McElroy, DeLorenzo and Vasilash discuss everything from fuel cells to Danica Patrick.