Delphi at CES

Gary S. Vasilash

Although the North American International Auto Show is certainly a focus of attention in the auto world right now, the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show is underway this week in Las Vegas, and there are some auto developments there, too.

For example, Delphi Automotive is unveiling a new feature for its MyFi infotainment system, a cloud-based portal that uses Microsoft Windows Azure. In this application, Microsoft manages content storage and delivery; Delphi provides the user interface.

Delphi MyFi

Said Jugal Vijayvargiya, general director of Delphi’s Infotainment & Driver Interface product business unit, “Imagine the opportunities this type of system makes possible. Not only will it provide the functionality consumers expect today, it will enable much more. With this system’s flexibility, vehicle owners can add new apps and functionality throughout vehicle life. Drivers can personalize the display of the vehicle’s instrument cluster from home, selecting from multiple designs or even creating their own, arrange features and controls to make them function effectively in a way that wasn’t possible before, and check diagnostics such as tire pressure, engine health and brake life from a portable tablet or smart phone You can even create and store personalized accounts for different drivers.”

Speaking of infotainment, Delphi has been in the game for a very long time. Although Delphi per se has been around since only 1995, it was formed from General Motors’ Automotive Components Group (ACG). GM ACG included many companies with significant history (e.g., Saginaw Steering, AC Delco, Packard Electric). So Vijayvargiya is able to claim, “Delphi has been at the forefront of developing innovative infotainment technologies since 1936 when we integrated the first radio in a production automobile’s dashboard.”