Daimler Delivers

Gary S. Vasilash

A story on Bloomberg last Friday, “Porsche, Daimler Indicate Europe’s Car Crisis Spreading,” opens, “Daimler AG and Porsche AG provided evidence that the worst European car market in 17 years has started to spread to the luxury brands. . . .”

So what’s a company to do?

Well, one thing that Daimler is doing is instituting a program, “Fit for Leadership,” for Mercedes-Benz Cars, which is described as a “savings project.” (Maybe something is lost in translation, because that name sounds like an executive exercise program.)

Another thing that Daimler is doing is getting in the package delivery service.

Yes, deliver boxes and whatnot.

Daimler delivery

The guys behind tiramizoo: (left to right) Philipp Walz, co-founder and head of Sales; Michael Löhr, founder and CEO; Gregor Melhorn, CTO and head of Product

Also on Friday Daimler AG announced that it has acquired a minority interest in tiramizoo GmbH of Munich. tiramizoo is a year-old startup company that has a network of some 1,200 couriers working in 10 major German cities who can be contracted on line for deliveries.

Explained Wilfried Steffen, head of Business Innovation at Daimler AG, “Our participating in tiramizoo will help to drive the intelligent networking of mobility in urban areas. We want to optimize the utilization of transport capacity and create a new service offering significant customer benefits.”

Apparently tiramizoo has some clever logistical capabilities that help optimize loads and delivery times of packages.

One wonders, though: wouldn’t it better to focus on the car part of the business rather than trying to compete with the likes of DHL and FedEx?