CCAI Adds On-Line Educational Videos on CCAI TV

Products Finishing columnist Matt Kirchner is a featured presenter on CCAI TV.


The Chemical Coaters Association is expanding its offerings on CCAI TV offerings, a series of educational videos is now available through its website with plans to continue adding videos on a regular basis.


This new feature is available to everyone free until December 1 on the CCAI website, at  The educational presentations are designed to provide information and understanding on a variety of finishing technologies.


Videos currently available include "Building Blocks of Powder Coating":

  • Powder Coating Materials
  • Powder Coating System Components
  • Powder Coating Application Equipment & Booth


"Finishing Essentials":

  • Start Right, Finish Right
  • Paint Stripping Solutions
  • Production Line Gaps


"Manual Powder Coating Basics"

  • Parts Cleaning & Pretreatment in a Manual Powder Coating Operation
  • Curing for Manual Powder Coating

The training videos provide a wide array of information that is valuable for those new to finishing as well as those who are finishing veterans.


After December 1, they will be complimentary for CCAI members only and a fee will be charged to non-members.  To become a CCAI member, visit and click on 'Membership."