Bright Lighting Idea from Federal-Mogul

Gary S. Vasilash

With few exceptions—think Nissan cube and Scion xB—one of the downsides of new vehicles for those who are lanky of stature is that when a sunroof is part of the package, headroom is seriously truncated. This is exacerbated in cases where the exterior design has a severely sloping roof characteristic of coupes, now characteristic of coupe-like sedans.

All of which brings us to a new lighting system developed by Federal-Mogul, a new array of ultra-thin LEDs combined with what they’ve named “NovaLens.”

Federal Mogul NovaLens

A major benefit of the combination: the possibility of increasing headroom.

That is, according to Ramzi Hermiz, Federal-Mogul senior vp, Vehicle Safety and Protection, “With interior lamp profiles typically 30 mm or more, the size of interior lighting modules has been a limiting factor for vehicle manufacturers.” (And for tall people, too.) “Our new lamp is just 12-mm thick, giving vehicle designers an extra 18 mm of space and increased styling design opportunities.”

The lens is designed such that there is a uniform distribution of light from the LEDs. This means there is even illumination without hot spots.

Additionally, the power draw is small compared with conventional incandescent bulbs: <2 W compared with ~10 W. The LED lamps are not only longer lasting than the incandescent—as much as 10X longer-lived—but they operate significantly cooler, so in the event there is a really tall person a hot head due to lighting is unlikely.