Bentley Fragrances: Probably Not Like Teen Spirit

Gary S. Vasilash

Nissan did something entirely different in its display at the North American International Auto Show. Not only did it create visual interest with the exhibit that featured a 150 x 45-ft. halo that surrounded the space and a “Innovation Wall” that utilized six giant interactive screens, it also appealed to the olfactory sense.

Yes, Nissan misted a green tea scent into the air.

Apparently, brands are not only pursuing a particular visual identity, but a nose-related one, as well.

Consider this: Bentley has worked with French perfumer Nathalie Lorson of Firmenich to develop a line of fragrances for men.

Bentley Fragrance

There’s “Bentley for Men” and “Bentley for Men Intense.”

Speaking of the base model, Ms. Lorson said, “I chose cedar because of its powerful unadulterated scent and patchouli for its sensual depth and natural elegance.”

“Intense” adds “aromatic African geranium” to the mix.

In addition to which, they’ve developed an eau de parfum with Mylène Alran, from the French perfume house Robertet, that’s contained in a special crystal bottle from Lalique.

Speaking of the “Lalique for Bentley Crystal Edition”—or which just 999 will be produced—Daniele Ceccomori, a Bentley designer, said, “The crystal edition is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, reflecting the unrivalled luxury and elegant values of both Bentley and Lalique. Just as the ‘Flying B’ sits gracefully on the front of our flagship Mulsanne model, we wanted to communicate the same importance with the preciousness of the crystal artwork and the uniqueness of the essence treasured by its delicate flacon.”

Price for this special bottle of fragrance? £3,000 or €3,500 for 40 ml.

All of the scents will become available in April.

You may not be able to afford a Bentley, but at least you can. . .smell like one?

Bentley Flying Spur

New Bentley Flying Spur