Gary S. Vasilash

In 1975 Kraftwerk released Autobahn, and arguably, music has never been the same since.

Which may seem like an odd observation to be making here, as you haven’t accidentally stumbled onto the Rolling Stone website.


We make this observation because Kraftwerk, which is playing an eight-night, sold-out retrospective of its work at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, is having its performance sponsored by Volkswagen of America.

Explains Jonathan Browning, president and CEO, Volkswagen Group of America, “We have witnessed extraordinary interest in the Kraftwerk performances and we are excited to expose fans and our customers to the innovative works at the MoMA PS1 Performance dome, which has been made possible through our collaboration with MoMA.

You see, Volkswagen of America is going to be giving away 50 pairs of tickets per night to the performances via a straight-up give-them-your-contact information-on-a-website and, more cleverly, through a contest where people post animated GIFs of themselves.  (Enter here.)


In addition to which, they are giving away 500 pairs of tickets to view a temporary exhibition of Kraftwerk’s historical audio and visual materials that will be at the MoMA PS1 Performance Dome. Heck, some bands make the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Kraftwerk was nominated in 2003 but didn’t make it); these guys get the Museum of Modern Art. Imagine.

Apparently, the composition (hard to call it merely a “song”) Autobahn was influenced by The Beach Boys, a band that (1) probably has more car-related songs (yes) than any other band and (2) is out on a reunion tour. Some clever car company ought to take advantage.