Audi Makes a Study in Light (weight)

Gary S. Vasilash

Audi has revealed the design of its “urban concept,” a 1+1-seat vehicle that, the company says, “does not fit under any of the conventional [automotive] categories.” It is fun. Quick. And oriented to the urban environment.

This is a minimalist vehicle. There is seating for two. The seating is staggered and low to the ground. Access to the vehicle is via the tailgate. The roof slides to the rear to open. Once inside, the driver can adjust the steering wheels and pedals to her needs.

Audi urban concept

The cockpit is produced with a carbon fiber-reinforced polymer. The undercarriages of the seats are integrated into the molding.

The 21-in. wheels are free-standing and the fenders feature strips of LED lights.

Motive power is provided by two Audi e-tron electric motors. A lithium-ion battery stores the electricity.

Again: realize that this is a study, not a production car. But maybe, someday, somewhere. . . .