Audi Appeals to Grads

Gary S. Vasilash

Without going too far out on a limb here, chances are, if you were to ask U.S. college graduates in engineering and business management what company they would want to work for, a car company probably wouldn’t top the list.

Over in Germany, things are quite different.

Audi R8

According to Audi, the annual research programs conducted by Trendence and Universum—with the former polling >23,000 students at 107 universities and the latter 37,000 at 130 universities—shows that in Germany, Audi is the #1 employer for those grads.

The Universum survey shows 1 in 4 engineering grads and nearly 1 in 5 business grads would like to secure a spot at Audi.

Speaking to the company’s success, Thomas Sigi, board of Management member for Human Resources and Labor Relations director, said, “Our attractive working conditions and the excellent development opportunities in Germany and at our international sites appeal to future specialists and executives.”

We’re betting that developing cars like the R8 doesn’t hurt, either.