Audi and Sony at the Races—Simulated, But Awfully Real

Gary S. Vasilash

Engineers from quattro GmbH in Neckarsulm created the purpose-built Audi R8 LMS shown here in six weeks.

And while those who get behind the wheel may feel as though they are actually racing in the carbon-black car (unlike the GT3 cars, this one has a seat for a passenger, too), including appropriate centrifugal forces, this is actually a racing simulator that was developed by Audi and Sony PlayStation. It was unveiled last week in Cologne at a game trade fair, gamescom.

Audi R8 simulator

The R8 simulator includes the “real” gauges with necessary data. Turning the steering wheel sends information to steering angle sensors that are used by the PlayStation-3 system. In addition, the paddle shifters and pedals are also setup to send signals to the microprocessor.

To assure a sense of racing fidelity, there is a Dolby Surround system that provides the audio input that would be characteristic of a race, and the vehicle has pneumatic cylinders in place of the standard springs and dampers so the body can move by as much as 150 mm during a “race.”

Just a game? Sure doesn’t look like it, does it?