Asterion Video Demonstrates Hull Cell Analysis



A newly-produced video from Asterion in Indianapolis, Indiana shows platers how to run a hull cell, which is a testing tool in which an electroplating solution is evaluated across the range of operating conditions.


The video shows that an evaluation of the deposit on the cathode across a range of current densities is useful in demonstrating the capabilities of a plating bath solution:


Here's the video:




Asterion is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemical finishing products for all aspects of the metal finishing industry from a wide variety of pretreatment, to powder coating to plating. From traditional chemistries to innovative pollution preventive technologies. Asterion finishes are utilized worldwide to produce products, including automobile components, consumer appliances, industrial tools, furnishings and countless other items.


For more information on Asterion, click HERE to visit their website and the HERE to see the transcript of the video.