Another Use for a Unimog: Recreational Vehicle

Gary S. Vasilash

The Mercedes Unimog—the range of massive vehicles that are almost Transformer-like in their various guises and implementations, doing everything from clearing snow to transporting giant Christmas trees—has always struck us as being somewhat diverting, if for no other reason because when we think Mercedes, the last thing on our minds is gargantuan go-anywhere-do-anything vehicle. And we’re not talking here about some 4WD vehicle that can handle tough terrain, either. We mean anywhere, anything.

Yet, that’s what it is and that’s what it can do.

Rast in Kangal, Türkei: Mit 540 Liter Diesel und 180 Liter Frischwasser an Bord ist man autoark – auch fern jeglicher Zivilisation. Not a Mercedes on Mars

One use that is particularly unusual for the already unusual vehicle is as a recreational vehicle. Jennifer and Peter Glas are traveling and living in a Unimog U 1300 L (model series 435), and they’ve been doing so since last April. Their travels have taken them to Turkey, across the Dasht-e-Kavier desert in Iran, to Oman, and now India

The seven-ton truck is carrying 540 liters of diesel fuel and 180 liters of water. They’ve fitted it with a solar power supply.

Plans call for them to move on to Nepal, Tibet, China, and Mongolia.

One advantage of traveling through the rugged terrain: they don’t have to worry about fitting the Unimog into one of those slots in an RV camp.