Another Audi Lighting Development

Gary S. Vasilash

Audi, undoubtedly, has had a bigger effect on contemporary exterior design than any other vehicle manufacturer. Its pioneering of LED lamps has had a literal fleet of followers, with varying levels of executional success.


Audi lamp

Now it is launching a variant of its lighting scheme. Debuting on the A8 is a new turn signal design. In this setup, there are LED lights in the front that are ranged in a strip subdivided into seven blocks. The tail lamps have 24 LEDs in eight segments. When the turn signal is turned on, the blocks are sequentially activated at 20-millisecond intervals, from inside out, indicating the direction of the turn. After 150 milliseconds, all of the lamps are illuminated. They stay illuminated for 250 milliseconds, then the sequence repeats.

Give it a year or two and you’ll undoubtedly find a proliferation predicated on this Audi approach.