amerimold in The D Sets Attendance Record

Gary S. Vasilash

A couple months ago or so, we made a recommendation that you attend amerimold and threw in a free pass and a discount. (OK, it wasn’t entirely altruistic, as the outfit that brings you this and Automotive Design & Production in the ink-on-paper form is the organizer of amerimold.)


Roush Mustang at amerimold 2014

Turns out a considerable number of you took advantage of the offer because we’ve gotten an Interoffice Memo here at Autofieldblog HQ that amerimold smashed attendance records from previous events.

And we, of course, attribute this success to you. Naturally, our brethren publications from Gardner Business Media will undoubtedly want to take their share of the credit, too, but seriously, we know it was you.

Should you be thinking ahead to next year, amerimold moves from Novi to Rosemont, Illinois, June 17-18, 2015.