Aluminum In Danger Of Being Ruled Out Of Window PCR

Aluminum is used in many architectural elements in construction.


The Aluminum Anodizers Council has issued a "Call To Action" for its members and others in the aluminum anodizing sector to help thwart an effort by an environmental group that could reduce the use of the materials on extrusions.


The AAC joined with the Aluminum Association to report that a non-profit environmental group called Earthsure is developing on behalf of several window and glazing trade associations a Window Product Category Rule (PCR) that would completely overlook (and therefore penalize) the recyclability properties of certain building materials, including aluminum extrusions. 


From the AAC:


A PCR governs how to get an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which is a life cycle analysis “nutrition label” for products. A PCR is a set of specific rules, requirements and guidelines for developing environmental declarations for one or more product categories. The PCRs define the type of data that should be collected, measured and reported in a life cycle analysis.  They include instructions for gathering data about the consumption of resources, including energy, water and renewable resources, and emission to air, water and soil.  Because data collection methods are standardized, the PCR allows for comparison of different environmental product attributes among products in a defined category.  By disregarding the material’s recyclability properties, not only would the PCR overlook what makes aluminum one of (if not) the most sustainable and recyclable materials, but would encourage the use of materials that are not recyclable at the end-of-life, and would simply end up being disposed into landfills.    


We completely agree with the Aluminum Association that Earthsure has a long and successful history in developing PCRs for various products. However, the proposed rules under this Window PCR would not give credit for recycling and would wrongly assess the estimation of life cycle energy use.


Action: Please visit and send a message to Earthsure and the sponsoring trade associations, requesting that they change course. The message is pre-written and automated to be delivered to the organizations listed. All you have to do is put in your name, email address and company and press the submit button at the bottom of the page.