All Auto Wants for Christmas. . .or Doesn’t

Gary S. Vasilash

Let’s say that you’re getting ready for a big Christmas party tonight. . .and you’re in desperate need for a break (before you lose that holiday cheer). Here’s a diversion for an hour or so: The “Christmas Holiday Special.”

No reindeer. No Mariah Carey in a revealing dress. No white beards.


The “Autoline After Hours” take on the season of good cheer by providing “gifts” and “coal” for the auto industry—people, organizations, products.

Audi. Akerson. Advertising. Ford. Fiat. Fisker. Accord. Marchionne. Mazda. Mulally. Toyota. Tesla. True Believers. And more.

Who was naughty? Who was nice?

Peter DeLorenzo, the Autoextremist. Jim Hall, the 2953 Analyst. John McElroy, the Autoliner. And the autofieldblogger. They present presents. They shovel coal.

So take some time and watch. You might want to get a stiff eggnog before you do, however.