Air Knives Achieves Efficient Cleaning, Drying and Cooling


Air Knife systems from Air Control Industries says its new products can help achieve an effective elimination of residual moisture and/or debris from manufacturing processes thereby helping to ensure blemish free end products.


ACI says they are suitable for both continuous feed/web materials and conveyorised products/components. The company says an optional deionisation attachment makes ACI’s Air Knives particularly suitable for applications with static issues.


ACI's Matthew Forknalkl said a variation on Air Knives is reciprocating nozzle systems which are ideal for irregular shaped items. These systems comprise reciprocating nozzles in robust synthetic fabric that can brush against items without risk of causing damage.


All ACI’s Air Knife systems are blower powered and are therefore cleaner, safer, quieter and less expensive to operate than compressed air alternatives.


Forknall said they are cleaner because there is no risk of air contamination from oil and/or condensate; quieter and safer because they deliver large volumes of air at low velocity as opposed to low volumes at high pressure. He said they are also highly efficient because they use correctly sized dedicated blowers that require only minimal maintenance and do not suffer from the innate weaknesses of compressed air systems, such as leakages, airflow impedance through extended airlines and compressor sizing to match maximum line loadings.


Because these Air Knives provide a continuous and even curtain of deionised air across full product/web widths via linear plenums, they ensure full surface areas are treated.


ACI Air Knife systems can be as simple as connecting a single blower to a 1 metre Air Knife, or it might incorporate multiple blowers and Air Knives, as well as including an array of accessories, depending on the size and shape of the customer's product.  The blower might be located locally or remotely and housed in an acoustic chamber.


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