A Simple Request for Info Between Turkey & Football

Gary S. Vasilash

Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S., a harvest festival that goes back to 1621, pre-U.S., a holiday that is now primarily known for turkey and football, not necessarily, for some people, in that order.


As a service to those of you who are interested in turkey, here is the link to Butterball, where you can find answers to why that bird just doesn’t seem to be getting done, etc.

As a service to those of you who are interested in football, here is the link to the NFL page where today’s games are listed.

And now we’d like to ask you to do us a favor, which you can quickly do before the pumpkin pie, during halftime, or whenever you have a few minutes.

GR_14MediaUseSurvey_banner(Clicking on the image won’t let you access the survey.  This will.)

The company that brings you autofieldguide.com and possibly a variety of other sites and physical publications, Gardner Business Media, is interested in finding out about preferences when it comes to obtaining information: digital, print, mobile, clay tablets. . . .OK. Maybe not the clay tablets. And in finding out what it is that you’re looking for when you’re looking. Metalooking.

So please click here and fill out the survey. It will help us figure out what to do going forward.

And here is a link to Rolaids, which you may find helpful whether you are an eating or a football fan.

Thanks for your assistance.