A Lifetime Guarantee

2013 Leadtime Leader Honorable Mention Micro Mold Co. of Erie, Penna. believes that its team of moldmakers builds the very best tools  in the plastics industry, so much so that they now offer a Lifetime Guarantee.

When coupled with the engineering and technical production expertise of its sister company Plastikos, Inc., a SPI 101+ Micro Mold designed and built tool affords customers the highest value for their investment dollar.

As such, Micro Mold is putting their money where their mouth is by providing a lifetime (unlimited production) guarantee for all qualifying Micro Mold designed and built SPI 101+ tools for the duration of the project’s production life at Plastikos.

“We know of a number of the tools that Micro Mold’s built in the early-to-mid 1980s are still in production today--approximately 30 years later with hundreds-of-millions of cycles on them, and counting,” notes Philip Katen, president and GM of  Plastikos.

It is with great pride that they officially announce a lifetime guarantee program on Micro Mold’s 35th anniversary. According to Katen, they have pursued a 100-percent Made in the USA strategy from its founding, and know that strategy is a key component to its ability to afford a lifetime guarantee for its customers’ production needs.

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