Parking a Porsche

By: Gary S. Vasilash - July 06, 2016 at 5:08 AM

This is the recently introduced Porsche Panamera: Let’s say for the sake of argument that it is one equipped with the 2.9-liter, biturbo V6 engine.

Reporters Talk VW, GM, FCA, Ford and More

By: Gary S. Vasilash - July 05, 2016 at 5:11 AM

Volkswagen AG, last week, saw a big hit to its bank account as, subject to Court approval, which is undoubtedly a likely occurrence, it agreed to create a funding pool for those affected by the 2.0-liter TDI cheat of $10.033-billion, pay $2.7-billion over a three year period into an environmental trust, and spend $2.0-billion over 10 years to build out and support a zero-emissions vehicle infrastructure.

July 4, 2016

By: Gary S. Vasilash - July 04, 2016 at 11:31 AM

George Washington said: “99% of failures come from people who make excuses.” This is a good day for all of us—in the U.S. or elsewhere—to consider our attempts and failures, our successful efforts and ignominious crashes, and to own them, not make excuses for them.

The History of Highway Infrastructure

By: Gary S. Vasilash - June 30, 2016 at 5:04 AM

The National Interstate and Defense Highways Act of 1956 in the United States was signed by President Dwight Eisenhower who had been a strong proponent of the creation of a transcontinental highway system 40 years earlier when he participated in the U.S.

Camry Is American-Made Champ

By: Gary S. Vasilash - June 28, 2016 at 8:29 AM

When it comes to sedans in the U.S., the Toyota Camry has pretty much become synonymous with the word sedan: it has been the best-selling car in the U.S. for 14 years running, and the delta between it and second place is generally non-trivial.

The Sounds of OEM Audio

By: Gary S. Vasilash - June 24, 2016 at 5:32 AM

There are few people who know more about automotive audio than the people at HARMAN as the company has Bang & Olufsen, Bowers & Wilkins, Harman Kardon, Infinity, Lexicon, Mark Levinson, and Revel in its portfolio, which encompasses car brands ranging from Audi to Volvo.

2016 Kia Optima SX LTD

By: Gary S. Vasilash - June 23, 2016 at 5:05 AM

According to Kelley Blue Book, in May (2016) the average estimated transaction price for a new light vehicle was $33,845.

MSO Carbon Series LT: What Would Bruce Wayne Drive?

By: Gary S. Vasilash - June 22, 2016 at 5:53 AM

This car—the McLaren MSO [McLaren Special Operations] Carbon Series LT—appears as though it is something that Bruce Wayne would drive when he’s not wearing a costume, and chances are the billionaire playboy is one of the 25 lucky people on the planet who is going to have the opportunity to own one of these carbon-fiber intensive cars (were he, of course, a real person): The car is based on the already fairly carbon-fiber intensive 675LT Spider, but in this instance, they’ve added 40% more of the lightweight material to the body of the car.

5-0 Meets i3

By: Gary S. Vasilash - June 22, 2016 at 5:48 AM

In what may come as something of a surprise move, the Los Angeles Police Department announced that it is deploying 100 BMW i3s in its fleet.


By: Gary S. Vasilash - June 21, 2016 at 5:51 AM

Every now and then you’ve undoubtedly seen the video on your local newscasts of crash testing that’s been performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the organization that is responsible for those “Star” and “Top Safety Pick+” ratings.