2016 Prius: The Fourth Generation

The little car that could still can And this time as a car that not only gets great fuel economy, but which has ride and handling that makes it more than an econo-box (and its styling is anything but boxy)

January 2016 - Gary S. Vasilash, Editor-in-Chief

Data-Driven Assembly Technology

Faster and better assembly can be achieved, thanks to smarter equipment

January 2016 - Ray Chalmers, Contributing Editor

Developing the 10th-Generation Honda Civic

The 2016 model is all-new As in platform and everything else And the platform—which will have global use—was developed in North America

January 2016 - Gary S. Vasilash, Editor-in-Chief

On the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro: The Sixth Generation

The fifth-generation Camaro brought the nameplate back from what could have been oblivion The sixth is taking it in the right direction

January 2016 - Gary S. Vasilash, Editor-in-Chief

Optimizing Automotive Lightweighting

Lightweighting to meet increasing fuel efficiency and stricter emission requirements involves heavyweight software tools to optimize the choice of the materials and part designs

January 2016 - Lawrence S. Gould, Contributing Editor