Reinforced Composites for High-Temp Fluid Applications

Article From: 9/16/2011 Automotive Design & Production


Owen Corning’s HydroStrand chopped strand glass fiber reinforcements for PPS composites are designed for parts that come into contact with high-temperature fluids.

Owens Corning ( has developed “Hydro-Strand,” a chopped-strand glass fiber for reinforcing high-end polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) composites. It’s designed to be used as an alternative to metal in applications that come into contact with high-temperature fluids, such as thermostat covers, impellers and pumps. Compared to standard PPS, those that are HydroStrand-reinforced feature:

• Superior mechanical strength.
• Hydrolysis resistance at temperatures exceeding 130º C.
• A 35% performance improvement when subjected to hot water or glycol aging.