Fast Cuts

Article From: 6/1/2005 Automotive Design & Production

Looking for higher speeds in machining operations?

Looking for higher speeds in machining operations? Check out the “Super Velocity Center” (SVC) 2000L from Mazak Corp. (Florence, KY;, a vertical-spindle machining center that provides positioning speeds of up to 4,724 ipm in the X axis and 1,969 in the Y and Z axes—which becomes all the more astounding when you take into account that the table size is 133.86 in. by 20.08 in., so the spindle can get from point A to B blisteringly fast. The 30-hp integral 40-taper spindle has a top speed of 12,000 rpm—which it reaches in just 0.8 seconds. Because the table is so long, there is an optional center partition that permits dividing the table in two so that work can be set up on one side while machining proceeds on the other. Which also makes things quick.