The 2011 Mazda2: Bringing the Zoom to the B-segment

Although it is sufficiently common enough today on the road, consider the Mazda MX-5 Miata when it appeared on the U.S. market in May 1986.

Greener Resins for Powertrain Components

SABIC Innovative Plastics ( suggests that by using plastics for hybrid and electric vehicle powertrain systems, weight saves can be achieved.

HC-LNC: Reducing NOx Emissions by 95%

A diesel-emissions control system that is said to be able to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions up to 95% has been developed by a collaboration between Tenneco (, GE Transportation ( and Umicore ( The technology, Hydrocarbon Lean NOx Catalyst (HC-LNC), features a unique silver-based catalyst with an engineering nanostructure, which was developed by GE.


CAD: Historic, Simple & In The Cloud

Changes are happening across the spectrum of computer-aided design (CAD) products. Here are three to show improved ease of use, modeling performance, and collaboration capabilities are still the major drivers for revising CAD software.

The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Grace & Capability Under Pressure

Any new vehicle introduction is important. But few have the significance riding on them as the 2011 Grand Cherokee has on it. And the Jeep team delivers.

Conti's Three-Fold Electronics Approach

Continental Automotive Group has been working hard to develop vehicle electronics that will make your driving experience more comfortable, eco-friendly, and safe.

Developing Quality at General Motors

In her more than 30 years with General Motors, Lori Cumming has had a variety of positions within various engineering operations—from components to being the chief engineer on car lines to running the global proving ground and test labs—within the vehicle manufacturer.

Advancing Electronics @ the Volkswagon ERL

If you want to be fully engaged in the hyperfast, on-going electronics evolution, is there any better place to put your researchers than at the heart of it, in Silicon Valley?


Re: Research:

High-Power Hydrogen Fuel Cells“This is the first process to provide exceptionally high hydrogen yield values at near the fuel cell operating temperatures without using a catalyst, making it promising for hydrogen-powered vehicles,” says Arvind Varma, an R.

Insight: The Automotive Thrill Ride

The Millennium Force ride at Cedar Point Amusement Park in northern Ohio (a.k.a., "America's Roller Coast") features an 85° drop that inaugurates riders into an eyeball-blistering two-minute ride at speeds reaching 93 mph.

Marginal: Be(e) Innovative

Which brings me to The Wisdom of Bees: What the Hive Can Teach Business About Leadership, Efficiency and Growth by Michael O'Malley (Portfolio), which really uses an interesting metaphor to explain organizations and behavior therein.