Racing Developments: Actually, It Is Rocket Science

Whether it’s winning Le Mans, or helping to develop U.S. Navy missiles, engineers from Pratt & Miller Engineering are involved.

Collaboration/Innovation Key To Viper's Venom

Developing a new engine for the now-legendary Dodge Viper included input from renowned engine engineering firms, the development of new electronics, and a whole lot of enthusiasm.

Powering The 2008 Mini

Every panel is different, but the news is under the hood.

Creating The Fastest Motorcycle

Breaking the world speed record for streamliners is mostly a labor of love—plus a dollop of computer analysis.

The Credibility Of Continuity At Mini

Although some designers seem to thrive on changing designs, MINI’s Gert Hildebrand thinks that consistency and continuity are laudable.

Powertrain Testing-Clever Ideas At Mahle

The “news” per se at MAHLE Powertrain (www.mahle-pwertrain.com; Novi, MI) is that the company now has the wherewithal to perform super ultra-low-emissions vehicle (SULEV) testing capabilities.

TLC Is Key For System Assessment

When it comes to specifying and buying a machining system for powertrain production operations, it is essential to look beyond the price sticker. Economies of scale are certainly important. But so are a variety of other factors.

On The Avenger

Dodge makes a big statement with its midsize car.

Honda's Next-Generation Diesel

Honda’s 2.2 i-CTD four-cylinder diesel engine already is available in Europe, but the company knows it’s not clean enough to meet the EPA’s Tier 2 Bin 5 emissions requirements.

GM's Diesel Trio

On its way to the hydrogen highway, GM makes a stop in Diesel Town.


Marginal: Under Pressure

In the short term they save money. In the long-run, they’re done.

Competitive Challenges: Times Are Changing. Are You?

In these challenging times, suppliers have essentially one course of action: Embrace change. The alternative is unappealing.

Objects of Interest - April 2007

Clever Hardtop EDAG Inc. (www.edag-us.com; Auburn Hills, MI) may be best known for its work in product development and manufacturing engineering, but it has gotten into the aftermarket business, as well, with an RTM (resin-transfer-molded) removable hardtop for the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky.

Profiles: Joel Piaskowski & Hyundai’s Exploratory Approach

At Hyundai, “Change is good” is the company mantra, even in design. However, future changes will be more focused than they have been in the past, even as the company explores new themes.

Dudder: Play The Blame Game!

Responsibility, honesty, and logic are casualties when this circus comes to town.

Insight: Leaving Commodityville

Too many suppliers are trapped in a place where their offerings are seen as nothing more than commodities.

EuroAuto: High-Tech Brakes

Surface Transforms (www.surface-transforms.com; Ellesmere Port, Cheshire) is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of ‘next-generation’ carbon fiber reinforced ceramic composite materials (CRFCs). They are designed to replace traditional carbon-carbon products on aircraft by offering an improved product lifetime, thereby increasing the number of landings that can be performed between maintenance schedules.

On Strategy: Beyond “BRIC”: What About Turkey?

As costs begin to rise in new EU member states, nearby outsider Turkey looks to become an increasingly important automotive manufacturing hub.

Insider: Zetsche’s Bluff

Zetsche’s gamesmanship may be the best game of bluff he’s every played as the investors get reeled into the game.


NAIAS Addendum

Editor’s note: Although we did provide a bit of coverage of the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in the last issue of the magazine (Viewing the North American International Auto Show: Sheet Metal for Today & Tomorrow ), actually there was a whole lot more that slipped through the proverbial crack.

3D Scanning Made Economical

Although this may appear to be a piece of high-end audio equipment, this is actually a system deploying multi-laser array technology and advanced algorithms that makes it possible to create detailed 3D, full-color digital models.


350 hp at 5,500 rpm isn’t bad.

Dodge Crew Sets 'Sale'

Not content to wait until the “For Sale” sign has gone up and the new buyer is in the home, Chrysler will move up the launch of the compact crossovers (codename: JC46) it’s building off the Sebring/Avenger platform.

Ford's Crisis & Concepts

Reports out of Dearborn strongly suggest that the Lincoln MKR and Ford Interceptor concepts will remain just that, concepts.

Acura Tailors Torque

Anticipating a continued rise in the rate of all-wheel-drive demand in the luxury and premium vehicle segments over the next five years, John Mendel, senior vice president, Automotive Operations, American Honda Motor Co., said that the company will continue to implement the Super Handling-All Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) system that was first installed on the ’05 Acura RL sedan, and was subsequently deployed on the RDX and MDX sport utility vehicles.

A New Take on Non-Destructive Testing

“Compensated quadratic resonance combinations?”According to Bob Nath, co-founder of Quasar International, Inc. (Albuquerque, NM; www.quasarintl.com), which provides non-destructive testing (NDT) systems that use “compensated quadratic resonance combinations”, compared with traditional approaches, they can:Reduce testing costs by a factor ranging between 3 and 10Reduce the possibility of shipping defective partsEliminate scrapping good parts.In addition, the process can help design engineers develop parts that aren’t stronger and heavier than necessary—often the case in application-critical parts (e.g. suspension and steering components). “Some of these parts are designed to be 10 times stronger than needed,” Nath claims. “With proper testing, this easily could be cut in half without affecting safety.”Also, says Nath, “Conventional NDT methods focus on indications of possible defects instead of structural integrity, and rely on operator judgment in place of statistical controls.