September 2014



Making It

I can imagine the ghosts of Ford, Edison and Wrights smiling on these people, people who are sometimes dismissed by society at large as being “nerdy.” These people are making and doing and sharing and learning. These people are in and of the present, but they are also avatars of the future.


Plex's Cloud ERP Goes Beyond Finite

The sky’s the limit in cloud computing. The evidence: some recently added and enhanced modules to the ERP system from Plex Systems.

Lasers Prove Fast and Accurate for Fiat (and Ram) Van Production

Here’s how the use of laser scanners on the ends of horizontal measuring machines are allowing the Fiat Doblò (and the Ram ProMaster City, which is based on the Fiat) to be manufactured with accuracy.

The Lexus NX: Competitive Crossover for a Competitive Space

Here’s a look at the development of a new luxury crossover from the company that arguably created the segment in the first place with its RX 300. This time, it is a compact from Lexus.

Continental: Heads Up

Working toward improving driver safety and the overall driving experience, Continental is developing advanced technology that makes heads-up displays even more useful. Why heads-up displays? Because drivers keep their eyes where they belong, on the road ahead.

Racing Toward Electrification

Audi, Porsche and Toyota showed different approaches to vehicle electrification as they squared off at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.