Green Is Free

When Philip Crosby proclaimed “quality is free” in a book with that title in 1979, there were more than a few people who thought that he didn’t know what he was talking about.

Over There? No, Over Here!

If ever there was any doubt that Ford CEO Alan Mulally is serious about his “One Ford” idea, a series of new car clinics should dispel any doubts.

New Engine Mount Technologies

As engine management systems run powertrains closer to the edge for the greatest reductions in emissions and fuel use, the noise, vibration, and harshness burden the engine mounts have to bear increases.

Lasers for Micromachining

Bosch is using ultrashort pulse laser technology to manufacture common-rail diesel injectors and emission sensors.

Suzuki Diversifies 4-cyl. Engine Range

For more than 10 years, Suzuki has relied on its 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine as the workhorse in its powertrain lineup—it is the base power plant for the majority of the automaker’s U.S. sales volume.

Combining Physical and Virtual Reality

The old adage that, “One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure,” is as true at the corporate level as it is at the curb.

GM's 1.4-Liter Pulls Double Duty

While the architecture upon which it is crafted (GM’s family 0 engine) was launched in 1997, the automaker’s 4-cylinder, 1.4-liter engine variant features new technologies aimed at improving overall efficiency and power delivery.

solidThinking: Making Product Design More Intuitive

Back in 1991, brothers Mario and Alex Mazzardo and two skilled developers began working on a 3D modeling and design software built around the Nextstep operating system in their home town of Vicenza, Italy. “Nextstep was an innovative operating system,” says Alex Mazzardo, v.p.


Insight: Implications Of The Economic Melt Down

By the time the ink is dry on this article, let alone by the time it is published, it is likely that there will be several more seismic shocks to the economic system and to the automotive industry.

Profiles: Denise Gray: Electrifying GM's Future

It was back during her middle school years when Denise Gray found the inspiration that would eventually lead her to her current post as director of energy storage systems at General Motors, where she leads the development of battery technologies that will power the Chevrolet Volt.

Competitive Challenges: The Leadership Imperative

There is not a day that goes by that you can't find an article about a company somewhere in the world that has implemented lean manufacturing and achieved great success.

Insider: Our Little Canary

If Detroit's automakers are the canary in the proverbial coal mine when it comes to the economy, one has to wonder whether the bird, which has been finding it hard to breathe of late, is headed for irreversible suffocation.

Dudder: Piquette Avenue

Despite being born in Detroit, raised in Dearborn, and living in Metro Detroit my entire life, I had never been to the Ford Piquette Avenue plant where Model T production began just over 100 years ago.

Marginal: Burst Bubble

One of the problems-as if there aren't a sufficient number as it is, without bringing up still another-that vehicle manufacturers and, yes, their suppliers, particularly those with "brand names" that are sometimes being put to good use (Ford is doing a notable job with Sony audio) is the overall fickleness of consumers.

EuroAuto: Hybrids, Diesel, Gas?

As Delphi's Manager of Global Powertrain Marketing, Vishy Seetharaman's job is to peer into the future and predict trends so that the company is able to respond in a timely manner to the demands from its OEM customers.

Close Up: Kitmaura Mycenter-HX1000i

Sometimes, it is a matter of going for what's most readily available at the moment.


VW's Clean Diesel (No, That's Not an Oxymoron)

According to Allen Schaeffer, executive director, Diesel Technology Forum ( an educational trade organization with membership including OEMs, engine manufacturers, component suppliers, emission control device manufacturers, and petroleum refiners-the 2009 Jetta TDI is a significant vehicle for a fairly simple reason.

Beyond Rapid Prototyping: Direct Manufacturing

Direct metal laser-sintering (DMLS) is different than common machining/milling techniques, which produce parts by removing material.

Silicone Sleeve Grain Embossing

Forget about cutting steel embossing rollers. Germany's Benecke-Kaliko has replaced them with laser-cut silicone sleeves that impart greater depth and definition.

The Reconfigurable Display Revolution

Handled properly, development of these devices will have a positive impact on the relationship between supplier and OEM, and OEM and customer.

Chrysler Warps Time To Improve Interiors

In 2005, Chrysler's senior executives got together to deal with a nagging issue that had been negatively impacting the automaker for years.

Does Motorsports Matter?

If you build your motorsports program from the grassroots up, feed what you learn directly into R&D, and manage it to add to the bottom line-like Mazda-the answer is: "Yes."

A Brief Look at Lasers

3D Cut or WeldThe RAPIDO from PRIMA North America ( is a 3D, five-axis laser system that can cut, weld, and surface treat parts within a 160 x 60 x 30-in. work envelope. (There is the possibility of adding a sixth axis.) The axes measurements are 126 in.

Enviromental Issues: Beyond Petroleum

Sure, emissions and CAFE requirements are considerable, but they're only part of the environmental picture as it relates to the auto industry. When's thelast time you worried about water?

Objects of Interest

Objects of Interest: November 2008

Heavy-Duty RobotFANUC Robotics America's ( M-2000iA heavy-duty robot has a vertical lifting stroke of 6.2 m and a maximum payload of 1,200 kg, making it ideal for transferring heavy items, including car bodies and automotive frames.