May 2013



CRP’s Motorsports’ Materials; Faster Metal 3D Printer; Over-Mold for 3D Printed Prototypes

On Electronics/May

Systems-on-a-Chip; Microcontrollers; Cutting ICs down to size; and more...

Suppliers Face a New Challenge (A Good One, This Time)

Life as an automotive supplier is not for the faint of heart. The gyrations and various calamities experienced over the past decade could fill a book—experiences that most choose not to relive.

Nervous about the Detroit Three

 The March 2013 sales numbers came out recently, and they are solidly good.


Better Business Intelligence Through ERP

Collecting manufacturing data is one thing. Making sense of it is another. That's where business intelligence comes in.

Retrofuturism: J Mays Talks About Automotive Design

There are few people who have a better, hands-on perspective of automotive design than J Mays. So who better to ask about why cars and trucks look the way they do when they do it?

On the 2014 Lexus IS

Sometimes you feel like driving a sport sedan like, well, something that might be well suited to a track. Oftentimes you want to drive a sports sedan like you’re going to buy a carton of milk (because you are). The 2014 Lexus IS has been engineered to handle both with aplomb.

Steel Strikes Back: Again

The steel industry is working on new material grades and processes in order to keep its position as the material of choice in the auto industry.

2013 Santa Fe: The Big(ger) One

Last year Hyundai launched a Santa Fe, a five-passenger vehicle. It is called the Santa Fe. But what if you have more people? Well, there’s a Santa Fe for that. It’s called. . .the Santa Fe.

Inside Story: Johnson Controls & Developing Seating

Tom Gould talks about lifecycle analysis, engineers are important for designers, and why materials need to be authentic in interiors.


Auto Electronics: Big Boost in Voice

IMS Research anticipates that 55% of all new vehicles sold in 2019 will be fitted with voice recognition systems.

Camaro Z/28: Light Is the New Black

“As the ultimate track-capable Camaro, this car restores the mission of the original Z/28, and serves as a testament to the expertise of Chevrolet as the best-selling brand of performance cars.”-- GM North America president Mark Reuss.

Steel Bar Stock for Swiss-Types.

Highly engineered stainless steel bar stock for CNC screw machining applications.

VW XL1: The Hyper Efficient Hybrid Car

Volkswagen is producing the XL1, what it calls “the world’s most efficient production car,” in its plant in Osnabrück, Germany.