Insider: Another Lesson of Katrina

As Hurricane Katrina battered the Gulf Coast, leaving thousands stranded and bureaucrats in Washington scratching their heads wondering what to do, there had to be a fair amount of head scratching happening in the halls of buildings in Detroit.

Marginal: Think About It

The on-going downsizing in the domestic auto industry is shattering for those who have lost their jobs.

On Strategy: Toward the Autonomous Car

Various media, ranging from action movies to the most erudite automotive engineering journals, depict vehicles capable of autonomous driving and little, if any, human interaction.

EuroAuto: The View from Visteon's European Ops

Visteon ( is currently going through a fairly uncomfortable time in North America, and is causing, for some, quite a bit of heartache and distress.

Insight: Globalization: Myths, Speculations & What You Need to Think About

Over the last three years, IRN has written several articles for AD&P focusing on the continued globalization of the automotive industry.

Dudder: At the Movies

Hollywood, California—Noted writer/director/actor Quentin Tarantino will write, produce, and direct a movie about the inner workings of the automobile industry.


Saving Gas, Saving the Day

Eaton’s “Superturbo” has almost all the hallmarks of a comic book super hero.

Explorer (Still Head of the Class)

Ford's Explorer created the SUV segment as we know it today. Judicious upgrades for 2006 shuld see it remain as the class leader.

Introducing The '06 IS

The Lexus product rollout continues, this time with a sport sedan that has a sales plan which is 600% greater than the previous-generation model.

Gema Takes Off

Although some people think that the only place to build new manufacturing plants in the U.S. is in the southern states, a team of global companies has constructed one of the most flexible powertrain plants in the world in Michigan.

Impala: Building On A Solid Foundation

The Chevrolet Impala is a stealth-like car.

No Cranks Allowed

Can three Australians produce a free-piston engine efficient, clean and powerful enough to power a series hybrid vehicle?The reply to an earlier e-mail from a powertrain engineer at one of the Big Three was to the point: “Interesting technology.

Steel On Campus

Research into mechanical performance and potential vehicle designs of the future have a certain ferrous material in common...

SolidWorks Solidly Works

The Lexus product rollout continues, this time with a sport sedan that has a sales plan which is 600% greater than the previous-generation model.


New Passat Is Longer - And Long Overdue

To say that an all-new Volkswagen Passat is overdue would be an understatement.

The Lengths of Luxury: Jaguar's XJ Long Wheelbase & Super V8 Portfolio

In which we consider aspects of the '06 longer XJs from Jaguar (XJ8L, Vanden Plas, Super V8, & Super V8 Portfolio) . . .

KIA: Another Korean Competitor Takes Aim at U.S. Market

With scouts from his South Korean parent company Hyundai-Kia scouring the southern United States seeking for space to plant its manufacturing roots, Kia North America CEO Peter Butterfield has become a celebrity of sorts.

Fuel Cell Assist

To meet a challenge of those working to develop fuel cells, Sensor Products (East Hanover, NJ; has developed an application for its Tactilus electronic sensor system that aids the fuel cell developers.

LaSorda Takes Charge

A flurry of activity has been underway at Chrysler headquarters in Auburn Hills, MI, after the automaker’s affable former leader, Dieter Zetsche, packed his boxes earlier than anticipated to take the helm of Mercedes-Benz on September 1.

Comment to Consider About “Common”

“Common is only ‘common’ if it’s the same part number.

On the Ford Fusion

Positioning the Fusion.“Our goal is to communicate to dealers and customer that Fusion blends the best traits of its competitors, without compromise.

A Jeep for 2015?

The 2005 summer internship program run by DaimlerChrysler's Product Design Office in Auburn Hills, MI, was meant to give a small group of design and engineering students a 13-week taste of what it's like to develop a vehicle, and give company executives a chance to scout new talent and design trends.

Little Things On the Big Truck

Arguably the most important styling feature of the Dodge Ram truck—most certainly since the advent of the “Big Rig” appearance that emerged in 1993—is the front of the vehicle.

How The Chrysler Group's Flexibility Strategy Is Putting New Products On The Road

The strategy being used by The Chrysler Group in terms of rolling out two of its new bigger products—one of which is really BIG—is indicative of the overall direction that the company is taking in its operations: Doing more with if not exactly less, then at least with the same.

Look What You Can Do With Aluminum

“The fundamental values of Jaguar design do not change—not even since Sir William Lyons created the first Jaguar all those years ago.

Suspension Of Disbelief

Magnetorheological (MR) shock absorbers use tiny particles of iron suspended in a viscous fluid as the damping medium.