Quality: Faster and Finer

With budgets tight and production runs tighter, parts validation and quality measurement are even more critical than in previous years.

The Lexus HS 250h: The Relentless Pursuit Of Hybrids

Lexus has long held a leadership position among the luxury brands as regards offering hybrid vehicles.

Racing To A Stop

When it comes to most high-volume vehicle applications, brake systems have become more of a commodity than a specialty.

Why Going Lean in Material Handling Matters

Bosch Rexroth (boschrexroth-us.com) makes a variety of equipment for flexible material handling, the most familiar of which are undoubtedly the structural aluminum components and associated equipment that are seemingly assembled like a Hot Wheels track (without the loops, of course). So you might think that when talking with Kurt Greissinger, product marketing manager, about developments in material handling the emphasis would be on structural aluminum components for conveyors and associated equipment.And you would be wrong.The reason is that at Bosch Rexroth, they have done considerable developmental work on lean material handling.

PLM & The Importance Of Process

It seems remarkable.

Yes, The LEDS Will Illuminate The Car...Eventually

The 2010 Mustang, seemingly, has many moods.


Ford's Better Idea: Improving the IC Engine

As the Advanced Engine Design and Development Manager at Ford, Brett Hinds has been leading the team there that developed the "EcoBoost" engines.

Advances in Metalcutting

Grooving & SlittingGrooving and slitting ops are facilitated by a new family of tools launched by Sandvik Coromant (coromant.sandvik.com/us). There is the CoroMill 329 cutter, which deploys CoroCut two-edge inserts and a strong V-rail clamping interface.

About APQP

One cannot overlook the importance of the customer—the customer as in the people in the market who are going to be buying the product.


Smart is the New Big

We've been beaten, battered and all but given up for dead by everyone from Washington to Los Angeles.

Flexibility Now

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk to a group of manufacturing executives about flexibility.

The Current State of Commercial Relationships

As we prepare to conduct the seventh biennial IRN survey on price reduction requests, we have some theories and some questions about what the results will reveal.