Making Massive Molds

Here's a look at how one mold maker has positioned itself to be a responsive supplier to its customers in powertrain component production.

Double Disc Grinding in Automotive Parts Manufacturing

By John R. (Jay) DoubmanIn concept, not much has changed in double disc grinding since the invention of the machine in the 1890s.

The CCV: Will This Change the Way Vehicles Are Manufactured

Chrysler Corp. is undertaking, in cooperation with a group of suppliers, a project to determine the feasibility of producing low-cost, thermoplastic vehicles for Third World markets. What they are learning may have big effects on the way conventional cars are produced everywhere.

A Look Behind the LH Launch

The Chrysler Concorde and Dodge Intrepid cars are key to the automaker's success in the passenger car segment. The next-generation models, now being built in Bramalea, were created in a $2.1-billion, 31-month program that has huge implications for the corporation. Here's a look at some of the thinking behind the LH program.

Back to Basics: Analyzing Smaller Chunks in FEA Leads to Part Optimization

While FEA is firmly entrenched in engineering—based on a lot of mathematics and physics—this easy-to-use tool is invaluable for part and product optimization.

Welding World: A Look At What's New To Use In Welding

The use of magnets for cold welding comes from behind the Iron Curtain...plastic welding grows in popularity...and other more traditional methods are gathered together here, as well as a few places for you to start if you're looking for information on the 'Net.