June/July 2012


How We Got to Today

The days of being restricted by the platform structure or the build process (at least within unibody or body-on-frame formats) required are being eliminated with every successive major investment at the plant level, adding flexibility each time.

The Green Guide

Delphi's exhaust gas heat exchanger; Green Manufacturing 101; What is GreenED?; Ford's Sustainable Materials Shopping List


Renishaw's additive-metal manufacturing system; Maplesoft's technical computing software; INUS Tech's reverse engineering software.

GM's New Approach to Quality

 On June 4, Automotive News (autonews.com) reported that Mark Reuss, GM North America president, was instituting a new compensation structure for salaried employees—all salaried employees, be they designers, engineers, or executives—that would tie a portion of their bonus to customer loyalty.


Penn Engineering; Mitutoyo; Delcam.

Relationship Math

There is a saying about eating in a restaurant: You don’t want to anger your waiter. You get better service—and possibly food—if you don’t. The WRI is sort of like that.

On Electronics

Infineon's microcontrollers; Melexis sensor; Scaleo chip microcontroller


Dassault: Are You Experienced?

The 3D Experience goes beyond PLM, ranging from conceptual design all the way through after-sales considerations.

Navigation Can Benefit from a Shaking Steering Wheel

Haptic steering wheel developed by AT&T Labs and Carnegie Mellon University studies driver distraction levels.

Safe, Strong & Green for up! Seatbelt System

Ratchet wheel of seatbelt retractor system made from a low-emission, impact-resistant thermoplastic from Ticona.

Siemens PLM & Creating the Master Model

 Chuck Grindstaff joined what was then Unigraphics Solutions in 1978.

The Interesting 2013 Nissan Altima

Here’s an interesting aspect of Nissan in the U.S.Consider its 3.5-million-ft2 plant in Canton, MS.

Ricardo Engine Build for McLaren

Assembly facility at Ricardo's Shoreham Technical Centre site in the U.K. is a near clean-room production environment.

Modified Tow Trucks Save Toyota Manufacturing Millions

“Production processes had been kaizened and were nearly as efficient as they could be, but conveyance of parts and sub-assemblies had not been as closely scrutinized.


Measurable Trends

A look at what is going on in measuring tech for powertrain and body applications.

Scion FR-S: Smile

Nowadays, there aren’t a whole lot of chief engineers who get to do a sports car. Tetsuya Tada is one of the lucky ones, as he led the team on the Scion FR-S.

SpaceClaim Improves on Accessible CAD

SpaceClaim’s niche is direct modeling, a CAD approach that generally invites people to easily create, fix, and modify 2D and 3D designs on-the-fly.

Thailand: After the Deluge

Flooding may have devastated Thailand’s automotive industry in 2011, but the market is rebuilding, rebounding and growing even stronger.

Developing Airbags

As airbags become more plentiful, the drive is on to reduce weight and cut development time while creating a set of common components.

Anders Warming on MINI Design

Some insights from a designer who is influenced by artists ranging from Picasso to Radiohead and who has spent his entire professional design career at BMW Group.

The Amazing McLaren MP4-12C

 “McLaren Group and McLaren Automotive now employ over 1,500 people—all dedicated and passionate about being the best and about launching a new car company and our first car.” --Ron Dennis, McLaren Automotive executive chairman. Here’s a look inside.

Developing the 2013 Lexus ES

How do you develop a new generation of one of the biggest-selling entry lux vehicles on the market—the global market? That was a challenge faced by Toshio Ashai and his team as they created the sixth generation Lexus ES.

The 2013 Dodge Dart: Redefining the Contemporary Compact Car

If there is any question that Chrysler is back at developing vehicles that change the rules of the game, the 2013 Dodge Dart should deflate any doubts.