September 2012


Back to School

Consider what you can do to learn something new, something different, something relevant—or even something irrelevant (you never know where good ideas will come from).

Why OEMs are Shifting Their Production Operations

Tomorrow’s criteria for shifting sourcing of vehicles will depend less on OEM production capability and more upon natural currency hedging, building units closer to the end customer and trade enablers.

On Mfg



Better 3D materials; powerful powders/thriftier aluminum parts; wireless 3D printer; SLS material minds the gap.


Chrysler Simulates Powertrain Production

Process simulation has helped the automaker develop a more efficient production line as part of its world-class manufacturing initiative.

Style Porsche Wins red dot

red dot: design team of the year 2012.

Mass Reduction Competition (No, Not a Diet Program)

As OEMs face the proposed 54.5 CAFE standard, they are probably anything but calm.

Yes, You Can Buy a Diesel-Hybrid—In Europe

Sometimes you hear people who are interested in achieving fuel efficiency ask why hybrids don’t use a diesel as the combustion portion rather than some variant of an Atkinson cycle engine.


Turnkey Integration for ERP

Affordable commercial software links ERP to CAD, as well as PDM, even PLM. Doing so synchs the data in these systems. Better, it reduces production errors.

Electronics Enhance Fuel Economy for 2013 Ford Fusion

Chances are, if you’ve experienced an automatic start-stop system, it has been in a hybrid vehicle, a luxury vehicle, or a vehicle with a manual transmission. Ford engineers have developed one that is being offered in the 2013 Fusion. And it works with the automatic transmission.

Creating the RAV4 EV

What do you do when the CEO of your company says that he wants an electric vehicle sooner rather than later? You make sure that you get it done—fast. And the team at Toyota, along with their partners at Tesla Motors, did just that.

2013 Mercedes GL-Class Examined

For the second-generation GL-Class, Mercedes engineered a vehicle that is big (wheelbase: 121.1 in.) yet drives small and has all the amenities that would be expected of a vehicle in this class.

The 2013 Cadillac ATS: Development Time Well Spent

GM engineers were obsessive in their attention to detail when developing the Cadillac ATS. And the results are notable.