Where Speed Is a Way of Life

Racing is an integral part of our mainstream engineering. We are using racing technology as a direct means of accelerating the pace of product development," says Charles W. Szuluk, president of Visteon Automotive Systems. Off the track—in the offices, labs, and factories—Visteon personnel are creating an environment of fast product development that can provide the supplier company with a key competitive advantage.

Surviving & Thriving As a Supplier

The roles of suppliers are undergoing rapid change as both technological and organizational issues impact what they do and how they do it. Here's a look at one supplier that's positioning itself for the future.

From a Land Down Under

Don't look to see an aXcess australia on the road anytime soon—or otherwise. The Australian supply base along with government agencies do want the world to have a better understanding of the capabilities that can be found in that country, so while you'll never drive one, you can see the sorts of things they have in mind.

Parts without Machining & Lasers without Lamps: New Developments for Advanced Manufacturing

Is it possible to build parts and dies with metal without traditional cutting or forming techniques? Can you do laser material processing with a laser that doesn't have a flash lamp? The answer is in the affirmative for both.

5S, D.I.Y. & AGVs

Several years ago, I worked at an ad agency.