Marginal: Charm School

“It is the OEM personnel who have the day-to-day responsibility of working with suppliers that are the primary determinants of the overall supplier relations.” That’s John Henke, president of Planning Perspectives, Inc., (; Birmingham, MI). PPI has been creasing what it calls the “Working Relations Index” (WRI) since 2002, which is based on information collected in a survey of suppliers to GM, Ford, Chrysler Group, Nissan, Honda, and Toyota.

Dudder: It’s Just Business

It’s odd how the most egregious behaviors and changes can be rationalized these days.

EuroAuto: Details on the Development of the Audi R10 TDI

Here’s another look (check out the May issue of AD&P for more) at the revolutionary diesel development by Audi that shows that diesel-powered cars can compete with—and beat—the best gasoline-powered sports cars.

On Strategy: The Key Challenges for N American Truck Mfg, 2006 & Beyond

Automotive suppliers striving to grow and thrive must focus their business strategies on key initiatives that will ensure their long-term survival in a turbulent global marketplace.

Insight: Tuning In To Auto Entertainment

Entertainment is one area where consumers have a long history of being ahead of the automakers in their expectations and requirements.

Profile: Telaak’s Challenge: Redesigning an Automotive Icon

Designing a vehicle that becomes the identity of a brand can be a challenging task, although one could argue that redesigning that established icon is even more daunting.

Insider: The Global Play

Here we go again.


Corn-Based Engineering Plastics On the Way

Although there is a great deal of buzz about E85 and biodiesel, DuPont Engineering Polymers is doing its part for automotive sustainability by launching a family of high-performance thermoplastic resins and elastomers based on renewable resources—like corn sugar.

SGI's Clusters Tailored for CAE

Himanshu Misra, segment manager, Engineering Analysis, Silicon Graphics (SGI;; Mountain View, CA), makes an interesting observation about the rationalization of utilizing computer clusters for computer-aided engineering (CAE): It’s not just the size that’s important.

Cost-Effective Flex for Assembly Lines

A cost-effective alternative for the pallets and robots commonly used for lifting components on automotive assembly lines has been developed by Bosch Rexroth Corp. (; Hoffman Estates, IL). According to Rodney M.

Lean for Buildings

According to Bob Klem, GM’s director of Global Manufacturing Engineering, “Technology has allowed us to move from 2D drafting to 3D mechanical engineering design with manual validation, to 3D layout, process planning, and simulation that is fully synchronized and globally available on line.” This technology is now being used to bring lean processes to the construction of new or updated manufacturing facilities throughout GM, a technology that already has improved on site safety and quality, and reduced construction schedules and cost.GM already uses 3D technology for plant layout and to optimize production processes before assembly lines are installed.

Russian Science Gets Attention

More than 15 years after the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia finds itself at a crossroad.

The Global Neighborhood

The so-called “global economy” is pretty much like the weather.

The Sound of Steel

While this might appear that those guys are working with something that might be associated with NASA, they’re actually working on something that is no less sophisticated, in some regards, though it may seem to be: they’re analyzing the sound from a model of a Chrysler Group Stow ‘n Go minivan seat tub.

The Onboard Silicon Challenge

The early years of telematics proved to be more promise than performance, more hype than hardware.

Safety is in the Bag

Dalphimetal, a Spanish subsidiary of TRW Automotive (, has pushed airbag technology forward with its Bag In Roof (BIR), X-Tether, and Dual-Chamber Side Airbag (DCSA) systems.


Buell Motorcycle Engineering, Innovation and Dedication

In an industry marked by foreign domination, Erik Buell not only established America’s only sport bike maker, he changed the rules of design, engineering and procurement in ways the auto industry would do wellto emulate.

An Inconvenient Truth: GM Cares About the Environment

Although some people might think that GM is about plundering and polluting the planet, the corporation has long been committed to owning up to its corporate responsibility—which includes working toward sustainability mobility.

What Makes CPD Collaborative?

Collaborative product development (CPD) is more than just slinging 3D models back and forth and viewing them. Here’s a sample of some of the technologies working behind the scenes.

Sound Check

Making a vehicle sound good takes more than a good ear and lots of prototypes.

Krafcik on Customers & Competitors

Hyundai is rapidly ascending the rankings of consumer quality lists—lists that it once bumped along the bottoms of. So what is the strategy that has transformed something of an also-ran to a strong competitor?