2000 Neon: The Next Generation

Although it might seem that the market is demanding not only trucks and sport utility vehicles, but BIG and expen$ive versions, there is still a not-insignificant place for the small car. And the 2000 Neon was designed, engineered, and is being built to be one that is admittedly bigger than its replacement, but still an important element in the small car category.

Baan's New Direction: Will It Fly?

Keeping on top of enterprise resource planning (ERP) companies is a real challenge—especially for tracking the European-based vendors.

How to Transfer Knowledge

We’re going to talk about a way to transfer new knowledge quickly and effectively to another person or into a work group.

Assembling the Assembly Systems

A battalion of robots lifting, carrying and joining like soldiers is an impressive image. Perhaps almost as impressive as the effort that goes into creating the system in the first place.

Fast Quartet

The drive today seems to be for people to do more in less time.

When Controls Converge: CNC,PLC & PC

Good news! CNCs, PLCs, and PC-based industrial controllers are beginning to look and act more alike. They are also quickly losing their island status on the plant floor. The result is industrial controllers that do more on the plant floor.

(Un) Measured Change

In March 1998, the third edition of the QS-9000 Quality System Requirements was issued. As the wheels of progress began to roll, several suppliers were brought to a screeching halt by—of all things—their measurement and inspection equipment. Here's what's going on.

Where Comfort Is an Engineering Discipline

The people at Johnson Controls Automotive Systems Group have pushed the limits of the vehicle interior envelope by creating a lab that allows optimization by design. Here's a look inside.

How the Pontiac Fiero Helped Save the North American Steel Industry

Cars, competition, and material and process developments have all played a role on how the North American steel industry has worked with the auto industry. Here's a look back—and a glance forward...


Love at First Sight

The event was known as "DayOne." The extent to which this appellation was acknowledged was surprising to me in that not only did it figure prominently in the coverage that appeared in the DetroitFree Press, but it also made it to the pages of USA Today.