January/February 2011


The Nissan Juke Sport Meets Crossover

The automaker's newest vehicle is designed to combine the agility of a sports car with the masculinity of an SUV—"sports cross."

Audi Addresses Electromobility

Coming soon to a dealer near you: a crossover hybrid and a pure-electric R8.

Metalcutting Moves Forward

In addition to cutting enhancements, Mori Seiki's X-Class of machining centers offer energy savings, heat dispersing features and advanced operating panels.

2011 Hyundai Elantra — The Fifth Generation Comes Fast

Hyundai's product onslaught continues with a new compact that's bigger, more stylish and more efficient than its predecessor. And its development cycle is faster than the competition.

Electronics: Lighter, Faster, Better, Smarter — & Not Typically Automotive

Technology may entirely transform everything from the instrument panel to the wiring harness—sooner, rather than later.

The Five Ubiquities of ERP

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) keeps transforming as vendors find new ways to solidify this system's standing as the fundamental data backbone of any company. Here are key things to consider.

Chrysler's Design Obsession

Whether it is the new Chrysler 200 or the Dodge Durango, things are changing at the Chrysler Group, especially in the design studios. Of course, the engineers and the manufacturing folks are elevating their games, too.


On Electronics - January 2011

Accelerometers for AirbagsA family of high-g acceleration sensors able to detect rapid deceleration of vehicles during a crash has been developed by STMicroelectronics (www.st.com). These "AISI DS" peripheral-sensor accelerometers provide single-axis, in-plane motion sensing from ±20 to ±400 g.

Lean Forward

How do you approach what it is that you do? Are you actively engaged or just sorta doing it?

Are Suppliers Ready for the Recovery?

As the auto industry continues to recover, many suppliers are still struggling but for different reasons.

End of the Japanese Era?

While the most prominent news stories on the New Domestics during 2010 were the recall problems and resulting fallout for Toyota, a much more significant trend has been occurring behind the scenes.

Re: Research items - January 2011

Improving Solid Oxide Fuel CellsSolid-oxide fuel cells work by electrochemically oxidizing a fuel to transform chemical energy into electricity.


Fast Turbocharger Design

TurboMatch software from Concepts NREC (conceptsnrec.com) bridges the gap between engines and turbochargers by allowing users to design and analyze turbochargers optimally matched to a specific engine system.

Mazak Amps Up Machine Design

Conventionally, the design of machining centers is, at best, conventional.

Fast, Precise Horizontal Machining

The a51nx horizontal machining center from Makino is designed to offer better speed, rigidity and precision than a typical 40-taper machine.

Instant Traction in a Two-Wheel System

An electronic limited slip differential has been developed by Eaton Corp. (eaton.com) to provide instant traction and stability for front- and rear-wheel drive vehicles in slippery road conditions.

Cooler Is Better for Machining

Can the use of liquid nitrogen—nitrogen that's at -321°F—improve machining operations?The answer to that, while still in the process of becoming definitively determined, seems to be "yes." That's the indication coming out of work that's being done at MAG Industrial Automation Systems (mag-ias.com) under a U.S.

TI Automotive Opens Fuel Tank Plant in Central Mexico

Fluid systems provider TI Automotive has ventured south of the border to San Luis Potosí, Mexico for the opening of its third North American—and 24th worldwide—fuel-tank systems manufacturing plant.

Laser Hardening Made Efficient

A system for laser hardening drawing punches and other forming tools was developed for a major German automotive manufacturer by CENIT AG (cenit.de), a consultancy with specialization in software.