GM's Metal Fabricating Division Stamps its Approval of CAD/CAM

Over the years, General Motors has worked on replacing its manual, paper-based design process with a math-based, electronic system At the company's Metal Fabricating Division, the benefits are fantastic

Inside Webasto

If you have a sunroof in your vehicle—yes, we mean car or light truck—there is a good chance that Webasto made it, as with an estimated 42% marketshare, it is the biggest player in a field that just keeps growing and growing as vehicle manufacturers work to differentiate their vehicles with accessories like sunroofs Here's a look at some of the things this company has been doing

Fun, Fun, Fun

Everyone has owned a favorite car What makes it your favorite? Probably because it was fun to drive At Ford, this concept is working its way into all new product development, and we aren't talking about concept cars like the new T-Bird See, this is an engineering story


Stick Shift: Learning to Change

The birds that typically visit the feeders in my backyard are house sparrows and house finches

Levers: Move It—Flexibly

Although automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) are not new in factory operations, Panasonic Factory Automation Co (Franklin Park, IL) personnel think that there is a revolution-in-becoming so far as this material handling equipment is concerned, especially in automotive-related applications, whether it is for electronics assembly or transmission production—or something in betweenRay Katchmar is responsible for introducing new Panasonic automation equipment to the US market